Carden Middle School Maui



Now accepting applications for the 2016-17 school year. Please visit our school's main website for more information: Carden Academy of Maui

Student Council Updates: 

Check out the video of one of our many community service contributions

Ronald MacDonald House Spring 2016 Coin Drive:



United Way December 2015 Toy Drive:
Thank you for your generosity. You really made a difference in many lives this year. Smiles and joy have been shared :)

Congratulations to our 2015-16 Student Council!



Vice President:             



Activity Coordinator:     

Graphic Artist:         

6th Grade Reps:          

7th Grade Reps:

8th Grade Rep:

Zoe Bailey

Ceci Buckingham

Jake Wittenberg

Victoria GilCoca

Dane Osako

Kathryn O'Neill

Hannah Farris

Leila Kramer

Maile Crowe

Maya Miller

Montana DiSegna