Saturday, October 25th:

Click on Fall Festival Shift to see when you are scheduled. If you cannot make your shift, you must find someone from another shift to switch with and then let your homeroom teacher know.

Carden Middle School: 

Congratulations to our 2014-2015 Student Council: 


Louisa Buckingham & Jeffrey Spencer


Maile Crowe

7th Grade Representative: 

Josh Farwig

 6th Grade Representative:

Lauryn Nouchi

Middle School Bonding Sleepover Video

A huge Mahalo...

  • Mr. and Mrs. Spencer for donating iTune gift cards for our Jar drawing
  • The painting fairy who came to paint the 7th grade classroom
  • Mrs. Schettewi (mom of Jake, 8th grade) for the Costco run
  • All parents who made the middle school meetings and dinner
  • Mr. McGregor (dad of Ethan, 7th grade) for braving the boys' side of the sleepover
  • Mrs. Oshikiri (mom of Stephanie, 7th grade) for purchasing and delivering Costco pizza to the beach

Our Mission Statement: 

To educate children and focus on the development of the whole child through a balance of academic excellence, character education, and enrichment through the arts in a small classroom setting

Cultivating character

Academics uniquely designed

Real-world experience in problem-solving projects

Developing 21st century skills

Engaging students

Nurturing environment