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6th Grade 
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 Week 10: Respect

I am respectful.  I treat others and  myself as we deserve to be treated.  I show courtesy to everyone.  I learn from the wisdom of my elders.

"Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners."

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Important Dates

Oct. 24: Haleakala Field Study!

Oct. 27: Fall Fest Assembly

Oct. 31: Halloween - Dress up!

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English Language Arts (Mrs. Rudow: [email protected]
Finish soldier letter - if needed
Short Story Rough Draft: Due 10/27
Short Story Final: Due 10/30

U.S. History (Mrs. Rudow: [email protected]
Read pages 15-30 in Stolen into Slavery
Civil War Test: 10/27 
Civil War project: Due 10/30

Math : Mrs Takase: [email protected]
  • Complete: .PS 24 evens
  • Correct: PS 23
  • Upcoming:  
  • IXL: .C1, R1, R2 (under the 6 tab)due by (M)
  • Each unit must be completed for a minimum of 20 minutes with a 70% smart score or has reached mastery 
6th Science
"History of the Earth" (Mrs. Johnson - [email protected])              

  • Volcano Brochure project assigned 10/2 Due on Thursday, 10/5
  • for details, see
  • See the Science Resource Page for links to videos and more....
How to get to FossWeb:
2. Click on Class Login
3. username: cardenscience
4. password: ScienceRocks808