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6th Grade 
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 Week 18:  Joyfulness

I am thankful for the joy I feel inside.  I enjoy my work and my play.  I appreciate the gifts this day holds for me.

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.”

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Important Dates:

  • Dec 19(T)-No Study Hall
  • Dec 20 (W)-Holiday Performance

Spanish: (Senora Bendon: [email protected])

English Language Arts (Mrs. Rudow: [email protected])
Haikus (2): Due 12/12
Cinquain (1): Due 12 15
** Secret Santa notes begin on Tuesdy, 12/12-bring one each day!
** Christmas Party is on 12/18-Bring your wrapped present ($10)

U.S. History (Mrs. Rudow: [email protected]
Math : Mrs Takase: [email protected]
  • Complete: .Survey due (M)-You must have at least 40 responses to your survey(this is about 80% of the middle school population)
  • Extra Credit Coordinate Plane Drawing (T)
  • Correct: Quiz corr/signature due (M)
  • Upcoming: 
  • IXL: .
  • Each unit must be completed for a minimum of 20 minutes with a 70% smart score or has reached mastery 
6th Science   Mrs. Johnson - [email protected]

12/6 Potato Hand Write up due Wednesday 12/6 as discussed in class (for those who need one more day, Potato lab must be printed out and turned in on Thursday 12/7 morning before school starts. It must be printed out and turned in to my in basket

Quiz on Thursday. Open Book, on Mono lake and food web. Do homework Wednesday night to prepare

Friday, 12/ 8,  we will be performing an online lab that will need to be completed and turned in by Monday 12/11.

Presentation of Learning December 14th and 15th. Students perform an experiment at home and write it up according to the rubric. Students will have up to 5 minutes each to present.

  • Please check the science resource page for class notes, vocabulary, and video links as well as any detailed assignment descriptions
How to get to FossWeb:
2. Click on Class Login
3. username: cardenscience
4. password: ScienceRocks808