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7th Grade Homepage - Mrs. Miller

Week 36: Unity

I am in unity with others. I appreciate differences. I do not support prejudice. I am a peacemaker. I care for the Earth and all living things.

Important Dates:

Important Links: 

  • (F), 5/19 - Lei Day Performance
  • (M), 5/22 - Around the World presentation (12:30-2:00)
  • (T), 5/23 - 6th/7th Snorkel Trip
  • (W), 5/24 - MS Fun Day
  • (Th), 5/25 - Virtue Assembly                               **Wear Navy Polo**

7th Grade Printer Hours:

7th Spanish
Senora Erin - [email protected]
  • No Spanish tarea
7th PE
(Coach Mason - [email protected])                                                                     

7th English Language Arts
(Mrs. Rudow - [email protected])                                                                       
  • Independent Reading!

7th Math
(Mrs. Takase - [email protected])                                                                      
  • Blue Book: 
  • Complete: . Happy Summer!
  • Correct: 
  • Upcoming: . 
  • IXL:  
  • Each unit must be completed for at least 20 minutes and an 80% smart score or have reached Mastery 

7th Science
"Force and Motion" (Mrs. Miller - [email protected])               
  • Read + Highlight pages 6-13; (Th), 5/18
  • Test corrections + signature; (Th), 5/18
  • ScienceWorld competition; (Th), 5/18
 FossWeb for science
  • To access FossWeb -
  • 1-Click on class login
  • 2-username: cardenscience
  • 3-password: ScienceRocks808
  • 4-Click on Force and Motion
  • 5-Go to Resource Room
7th Social Studies
"World Cultures" (Mrs. Miller - [email protected]                                                    
  • Around the World **Bring your costume**; (M), 5/22
7th Journals
(Mrs. Miller - [email protected])                                                                 
  • Create "Week36-Unity within your "Journals-last name" folder; PRINTED ON YOUR OWN BY (Th), 5/18 **Don't forget creativity for 3rd trimester**
  • Steps-On the new journal slide, please include these minimum requirements...
  • ---your name, must be easy to see and read; 
  • **NEW: what virtue award you think you are going to receive and why
  • --a picture of just you (from last week or later) with a caption explaining the picture