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7th Grade Homepage - Mrs. Johnson

Week 10: Respect 

I am respectful.  I treat others and  myself as we deserve to be treated.  I show courtesy to everyone.  I learn from the wisdom of my elders.

“Respect yourself and others will respect you.”
Confucius, Sayings of Confucius

Important Dates:

October 19 Science Test on Igneous and Metamorphic rocks

October 19 Social Studies test Chapter 4

9/29 Geography field study

Thank you for a lovely birthday! It feels like a great year to come!

Important Links: 

 7th Spanish
Senora Erin - [email protected]
  • No Spanish tarea

7th English Language Arts
(Mrs. Rudow - [email protected])                                                                       
Creative Short Story- Due Dates:
    Rough Draft: 10/23
    Final Paper Printed: 10/26
Independent Reading

7th Math
(Mrs. Takase - [email protected])                                                                      
  • Blue Book: 
  • Complete: .
  • Correct: PS 25
  • Upcoming: .
  • IXL: O3, O4, L5 (7th tab) due (M)
  • Each IXL unit must be have a minimum smart score of 80 and have been completed for 20 minutes unless mastery is reached prior to 20 minutes. 

7th Science
"History of the Earth" (Mrs. Johnson - [email protected])               
Science test on October 19: Igneous and metamorphic rocks
  • Volcano Brochure project assigned 10/2 Due on Thursday, 10/5
  • See science page or visit the following link for details:
  • watch videos on science links. (see links on science page)
  • Vsit Fossweb to review igneous rocks, gems and minerals. Go on the virtual field trip to the Big Island
  • Begin the project on the field study
  • See the Science Resource Page for links and more...
  • Wonderful Field Study on Friday! Thank you to Ms DeMott for her fabulous curriculum, all the parent chaperones and to everyone who made this trip possible!
 FossWeb for science
  • To access FossWeb -
  • 1-Click on class login
  • 2-username: cardenscience
  • 3-password: ScienceRocks808
7th Social Studies
"World Cultures" (Mrs. Johnson - [email protected]                                                    
  • Chapter 4 TEST Thursday, October 19
  • Watch the above social studies links on Human rights.
  • Students read the human rights booklet and discuss with family and friends. How are human rights adhered to around the world?
  • Here is the link to the google doc that we will be using to formulate the rough draft of our book. . I will post it above. We are starting to go on our cultural trip around the world. This is where we will be working on our rough draft. Students will be graded on their participation. History is recorded.
7th Journals
(Mrs. Johnson -  [email protected])                                                                 
  • Write in journals once a week, due every Monday. As of next week, journals must be rpinted and handed in to me by Monday morning. Each day late, the journal will be graded down.
  • Journals are for your thoughts about who you are. Explore the weekly virtue. Ask yourself the three questions daily: What do I want?How can I do it?   Write them online in Google drive, in presentation slides. Share your files with me at my gmail address. Make sure you print out your weekly journal entries to turn in before school on Monday morning.
  • Create "Week 8 -... within your "Journals-last name" folder
  • Steps-On the new journal slide, please include these minimum requirements...
  • ---your name, must be easy to see and read; 
  • your thoughts for the day
  • --a picture of... (from last week or later) with a caption explaining the picture