Carden Middle School Maui



Virtue-Week 11

Confidence-I am confident. I love to try new things and I give them the best I have to give. I appreciate my gifts. I welcome new possibilities.



  • Oct 24-Haleakala Field Study Trip
  • Oct 27(F)-Fall Festival Assembly & MS Bake Sale
  • Oct 31(T)-Halloween: It is time to dress up...

  Spanish: Senora Erin: [email protected]

English Language Arts (Mrs. Rudow - [email protected])                                       
Language (Homophones) Retake: 10/11
Creative Short Story-Due Dates:
    Outline: 10/16
    Rough Draft: 10/25
    Final Paper: 10/27
Independent Reading
    "History of the Earth" (Mrs. Johnson - [email protected])               
    • Volcano Brochure project assigned 10/2 Due on Thursday, 10/5
    See for details
    • Vsit Fossweb to review seimentary rocks
    • See the Science Resource page for links and more...
 FossWeb for Science
  • Go to
  • 1-Click on class login
  • 2-username: cardenscience
  • 3-password: ScienceRocks808

 Math-Mrs. Takase: 
  • Complete
  • Blue Book:. Take Home Quiz #12
  • Orange Book: .Take Home Quiz #5

  • Correct: .
  • Blue Book: PS 53
  • Orange Book: PS 24

  • Upcoming: .
  • Blue Book:
  • Orange Book:

  • Blue Book IXL: J6, J9, G1 (8th tab)
  • Orange Book IXL: I2, J3, V4(Alg tab)
  • Each unit must be completed for 20 minutes with a smart score of 80% or has reached mastery 
Social Studies: Mrs.Takase:

Complete: 2-1 Assessment(M): Key terms, Comp/Criticial ?'s, and Writing Activity(M)-You will have class time on (F) to complete this!
Upcoming: 2-1 Quiz(W)
 Journals-Mrs. Takase: 

  • Week 11-Describe "What is your best day"...It can be anything past, present, future...due(F-10/27)

  • Journal Slide Requirements: 
  • Virtue & Affirmation
  • Quote and Image that depicts the virtue
  • 3 to 4 Sentence Journal prompt reply
  • Images from your week-They are to be outside of school... 
  • You may print at school prior to 7:45 am or  print at home!