Carden Middle School Maui



WEEK 33:

Virtue: Idealism:

I live by my ideals. I believe in my dreams. I have faith that anything is possible.



  • April 27(F)-Middle School Play
  • May 3-4 (Th-F)-8th grade Oahu Trip
  • May 11(F)-Last Assembly/last poem for 8th grade
  • May 18(F)-Ho'ike Day& Lunch
  • May 23-Middle School Fun Day
  • May 24-Graduation
Spanish: (Senora Bendon: [email protected])

Thursday, April 19
Please bring in any ingredients your parents have offered for our salsa and guacamole day. 
All work must be turned in to participate.

Spanish Test Rewrite Instructions:
  • All rewrites must be done on a separate piece of paper.
  • Please label the section and question number.
  • On the first line write what you wrote.
  • On the second line write the correct answer.
  • On the third line, write WHY your answer was wrong and WHY the correct answer is right.
  • You MAY use your book. If all of the above is complete, you can earn back 50% of the credit you missed.



I wrote: Yo es de Estados Unidos.

Correct answer: Yo soy de Estados Unidos.

My answer was wrong because “es” is the form of SER for él/ella/usted. The question asked for the “yo” form, which is “soy”.

English Language Arts (Mrs. Rudow - [email protected])                                    
Decide theme for project:
Racial inequality,social classes,justice,good vs. evil, the title
Mockingbird Project:  Due 5/2
Independent Reading must be completed by 5/17-all 4 genres
    (Mrs. Johnson - [email protected])  

    I am still encouraging students to explore things that interest them for extra credit. See me for ideas. There are also ideas posted on the Daily Class Links button.

    Please check the science resource page for class notes, vocabulary, and video links as well as any detailed assignment descriptions
 FossWeb for Science
  • Go to
  • 1-Click on class login
  • 2-username: cardenscience
  • 3-password: ScienceRocks808
 Math- Mrs. Takase:

  • Blue Book:. PS 93 evens & mini slope 4
  • Orange Book: .PS 64 evens & mini slope 4
  • Blue Book: Slope B Worksheet
  • Orange Book: Slope B Worksheet


  • Blue Book:
  • Orange Book:


  • Blue Book IXL:Y3, Y4, & Y7 under the 8th tab due (M)
  • Orange Book IXL:  Y3, Y4, Y7 under the 8th tab due (M)
  • Each unit must be completed for 20 minutes with a smart score of 80% or has reached mastery 
Social Studies: Mrs.Takase:
  • Look through the Water links tab above and choose a topic you would like to research(T)
  • Begin to: Research once project topic has been approved.
 Journals-Mrs. Takase: 

  • Journal Prompt: If you could change one thing in the world...what would it be, why, and how would you do it?
  • Journal Requirements:
  • Virtue & Affirmation
  • Quote and Image that depicts the virtue
  • 3 to 4 Sentence Journal prompt reply
  • Images from your week-They are to be outside of school... 
  • You may print at school prior to 7:45 am or  print at home!